Author Instructions

    1. Manuscripts must be written in either Russian or English (12 pages maximum of А4 format, Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, 12, single space, page orientation - portrait) and should be submitted by e-mail ( Besides, one copy of the printed manuscript signed by all its authors should be sent.
    2. Arrange the parts of the article in the following order: Title of the article (1-3 lines); Author(s) of the article with their names and surnames; Full address of the author(s) (the name and e-address of the organisation, city, country; Abstract with aim and results (10 lines maximum); Keywords (8 words maximum, not repeating the title). At the end of the manuscript give Abstract in English (if the Main text in Russian) or in Russian (if the Main text in English), including Title of the article, surnames of the authors, names of the institution, city and country, e-address, the text (10 lines maximum), keywords. The authors attach to the paper their scientific and honorary degrees, permanent position, the post address, phone/fax number, personal e-mail (if present).
    3. Drawings, photos, figure legends, tables place in the text. The publication size of black-and-white drawing is usually 5x7 cm, the width of tables is 7.1 or 14.7 cm.
    4. Give Latin names of species in full at their first mention in the text with indication of the author of a species, then in an abridged form. Use the modern nomenclature.
    5. Use a point to separate the fractional part of numbers.
    6. The main text of the paper includes: brief Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion or Conclusion, References. The sections are not necessary in brief reports.
    7. References should be cited in the text as M.Smith (1999), or alternatively in a parenthesis (Smith, Smith, 2000; Smith et al., 1995, 2001).
    8. All literature cited in the text must be listed in the references in alphabetical order (first Cyrillic, then Latin literature) in the following format: Surname, Abbreviated Names, Title of a paper or book, Title of the journal in full, Year, volume number (Arabic numeral), issue number, page range. Books must include Publisher name and location; e.g.:  Ivanov A., Ivanov B., Ivanov C. Title of book. Moscow, Nauka, 1995, 50 p.
    9. The number of bibliographic references shouldn't be more than 5 – for the short messages, more than 10 – for experimental works, and shouldn't exceed 20% of the main text – for reviews.
    10. Authors guarantee that the paper was not published earlier.
    11. Certified personal manuscripts of post-graduate students are published first of all.
    12. There is no page charge for publishing. Manuscripts of articles are not returned to authors.
    13. Negative referee comments are sent by e-mail to a corresponding author.
    14. Pdf-file of the article is sent to the authors in the list if present e-mail.

    All questions address to