The journal "Plant Protection News" originated from the subscription journal "Plant Protection" or "Zashchita Rastenii ot Vreditelei" (1924-1930, vols. 1-7) and "Zashchita Rastenii" (1931, vol. 8) in Russian, being published in Leningrad annually in 6 issues. The All-Union Research Institute of Plant Protection (VIZR) of the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences (AUAAS, since 1991 the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences or RAAS) was the publisher of the 8th volume. In 1932, this Institute substituted collections of papers "Plant Protection" ("Zashchita Rastenii"), 3 issues, and "Collection of VIZR Papers" ("Zbornik VIZRa"), 4 issues, for the journal "Plant Protection". Later both names were used for the collections of research papers. Three issues were published in 1933 and only one issue in 1934 of the "Collection of VIZR Papers"; 7 issues were published in 1935, 4 - in 1936, 4 - in 1937, 2 in 1938 and 2 in 1939 of the "Plant Protection" collections of papers.

Академик Н.М.КулагинIn 1939, the journal "Plant Protection News" ("Vestnik Zashchity Rastenii" in Russian) replaced all previous subscription periodical and serial editions of VIZR. The first editor-in-chief was Academician Nikolai Mikhailovich Kulagin who worked those years in VIZR, simultaneously having been appointed the chairman of Plant Protection section of AUAAS. After his death in 1940, the VIZR director M.P.Elsukov became the editor-in-chief of the magazine. The structure of editorial board of the journal included leading scientists of VIZR and other institutions: I.M.Polyakov, M.S.Dunin, K.M.Stepanov, V.N.Stark, S.M.Tupenevich, B.Yu.Falkenshtein, I.P.Yatsenko, N.N.Bogdanov-Katkov and V.N.Shchegolev. Unfortunately, the publication of the edition was interrupted in 1941 (in 1939, there was only one issue, in 1940 – 5 issues). Almost all printed copies of the second issue for 1941 were lost afire while Leningrad siege by Nazis during World War II. The third issue was imposed, 4th and 5th issues were prepared but not published.

After the World War II VIZR concentrated the attention in publishing Proceedings (since 1948) and Bulletin (since 1956) of the Institute. Both editions covered substantially current scientific problematics, conceptual positions and directions of researches on plant protection. They reflected questions of methodical character, problems of the developmental trends of the world phytosanitary science, of various methods of plant protection and harmful species control in various regions of the country. As an exchange the Proceedings and Bulletin were sent to institutions of more than 40 countries.


In 1960-80s, under the editor-in-chief, Academician AUAAS and VIZR director K.V.Novozhilov, Proceedings and Bulletin of the Institute resulted field and experimental researches of VIZR scientists that has allowed to generate and realise the concept of the integrated pest management for agricultural crops.


In 1999, the journal "Plant Protection News" was recommenced as a periodical international scholarly theoretical peer-reviewed journal (ISSN 1727-1320) instead of VIZR Proceedings and Bulletin. In 1999, one issue was published, in 2000-2005 three issues were published annually, and since 2006 the magazine is printed in 4 issues annually, being included in the Russian "List of leading peer-reviewed scientific magazines and editions in which the basic scientific results of the dissertations» on biological and agricultural specialities should be published. Since 2004 VIZR publishes supplements to the journal "Plant Protection News" in the form of monographs or collections of papers in Russian and English (ISSN 1815-3682). Seven books were published during the five years. In 2005, full translation of all three issues of the "Plant Protection News" into English (ISSN 1816-8213) was published.