Igor Ya. Grichanov, E. I. Ovsyannikova. Pheromones for phytosanitary monitoring of Lepidoptera pests.
Plant Protection News, Supplements, No. 4 - St.Petersburg: VIZR, 2005. 244 p. In Russian.

Ways of practical use of sex pheromones in protection of agricultural crops and a place of technology of synthetic attractants application in the integrated pest management with lepidopteran pests of cotton, spring wheat and orchard as an example are discussed. The hypothesis about development and origin of pheromone systems of Lepidoptera is theoretically proved; laws in structural diversty and functional value of the chemical compounds, which consist in lepidopteran sex pheromones, are described; on the basis of the statistical analysis of similarity and difference of lepidopteran taxa by chemical structure of sex pheromones the priority of field screening in initial researches of pheromones is proved for the present time; methods of field researches of noctuid pheromones, and also technique of optimization of sex attractants structure and of screening new lepidopteran pheromones are developed; the general approaches to application of pheromones in plant protection are concretized for harmful species (with Helicoverpa armigera, Agrotis segetum, Apamea anceps and Cydia pomonella as examples); application technologies of lepidopteran pheromones are adapted to existing systems of protection of agricultural crops (with cotton, spring wheat and orchard as examples).

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