V. V. Neimorovets. True bugs (Heteroptera) of the Krasnodar territory and the republic of Adygea. Checklist.
Plant Protection News, Supplements, No. 8 - St.Petersburg: VIZR, 2010. 103 p. In Russian.

An annotated checklist of Heteroptera species of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea is presented, based on the criti-cal revision of museum material and on the evaluation of the litera-ture. There are 628 species known to occur in the region, of which 16 following species are recorded for the first time: Halosalda lateralis (Fallen, 1807); Prostemma guttula asiaticum Kerzhner, 1968; Anapus rugicollis (Jakovlev, 1877); Euryopiocoris nitidus (Meyer-Dur, 1843); Orthotylus parvulus Reuter, 1879; Strongylocoris niger (Herrich-Schaeffer, 1835); Mecomma dipar (Boheman, 1852); Pilophorus confusus (Kirschbaum, 1856); Placochilus seladonicus seladonicus (Fallen, 18070); Systellonotus discoidalis Horvath, 1894; Campylomma simillimum Jakovlev, 1882; Hallodaphus montandoni Reuter, 1895; Hallodaphus suturalis (Herrich-Schaeffer, 1837); Macrotylus сruciatus (R.F. Sahlberg, 1848); Monosynamma bohemanni (Fallen, 1829); Omphalonotus quadriguttatus (Kirschbaum, 1856).

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